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Divide Because Association Alliance uses Destination Nexus for the core of its tools, your association is instantly promoted to a worldwide community of innkeepers and potential guests.
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Association Promotion

Destination Nexus is a core element of the Association Alliance. Destination Nexus is the largest and most complete web encyclopedia of inns and bed and breakfasts in the world. It lists over 15,000 U.S. privately run inns and hotels. The rest of the inns in the world are coming 2011. The key difference with Destination Nexus is that it is a web encyclopedia, not a directory. That means that every inn in the world is listed; whereas directories only list those that pay.

Get Promoted To:

  • Existing Industry Members
  • Potential Clients
  • Vendors

Innkeepers will use Destination Nexus because:

  • Destination Nexus promotes their inn to search engines.
  • Destination Nexus offers a worldwide innkeeper and bed and breakfast community.

Destination Nexus provides an excellent platform for promoting your association to potential members. Since every inn is listed and can be claimed for free, innkeepers claim their listings and from time to time manage their Destination Nexus listing.

Destination Nexus Recommendations

Your business is automatically promoted through Destination Nexus

Associations that join Association Alliance are automatically promoted to potential members within their region. National associations are promoted nationwide. State associations are promoted statewide. Regional associations are promoted to the cities that make up their region.

Innkeepers see available associations upon logging into Destination Nexus and clicking on "Associations". Your association is also promoted on the "Recommendations" page, where Destination Nexus recommends that they "become involved in their community and industry through the following associations".

In addition, association logos are branded on Destination Nexus and automatically show up on members' pages within Destination Nexus. Associations can also opt in to publish their association information and membership list to visitors of Destination Nexus.