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Divide Manage your existing clients and resources with Association Alliance. 
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The MarketPlace is just the start of the toolset you enjoy as a vendor member of Association Alliance.

It takes a lot of effort, time and payroll to stay on top of what conferences are available, what people are saying about your business on forums, communicating your articles and webinars to associations and uncovering what speaking opportunities are available.

That all changes as a vendor member of Association Alliance. You become a part of a community of associations and partners, sharing ideas and resources seamlessly.

Upcoming Events

Don't be caught off guard by an upcoming conference or event. Post events that you are hosting as well.

Leads and Invitations

There are several types of leads and invitations you receive as a vendor member of Association Alliance. All leads show up in your resources area in addition to being e-mailed to you as they arrive.

Conference Invites - Associations as they put together a conference can invite specific vendors to attend.

Partner Leads - It's easy to receive referrals and leads from your partners and to communicate them.

MarketPlace Leads - Businesses that see and research you in the MarketPlace can ask for more information.

Association Invites - Associations can invite you to become a member of their association and explain the benefits of doing so.

Speaking Invitations - Associations can ask specific vendors to speak about topics they have posted as articles.

Post Articles

You probably already have a host of educational articles you have shared in the past. Now you can post them and they are picked up by the associations of Association Alliance. Work on establishing relationships with associations so they pick them up automatically. You can also see how total members have viewed each article.

Forum Topics About You

Each association member of Association Alliance can host their own enhanced AA forum. Register keywords that relate to your business and industry. Any posts that correspond to your keywords automatically are brought to your attention. If the association and author of the thread permits, you can join into the conversation.

As a member there are vendor forums and press release forums where the top topics are highlighted to the associations of Association Alliance.

Speaking Opportunites

Associations can post speaking needs directly to all vendor members.