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Divide Promote your business and find new clients with the Vendor MarketPlace 
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The Association Alliance Vendor MarketPlace highlights businesses industry by industry. It allows the members of the associations that make up Association Alliance to compare vendors in a neutral, fair and side-by-side environment.

These members can write testimonials to help convince other members of the importance of your products and services. Potential clients can ask to receive more information about your services and come in as leads from the Vendor MarketPlace in your vendor member toolset. Return customers can indicate interest in reordering from you or in purchasing additional products through the MarketPlace.

Submit and claim your business at no charge!

What does the MarketPlace look like?

Most "marketplaces" out there are basic and outdated. They list each business with maybe a small picture or logo and a brief description. They often hide their list from search engines like Google and Bing.

The Association Alliance MarketPlace is attractive with tons of content about your business. You will notice in the MarketPlace screenshot that clients can expand these business cards to and see pictures you have uploaded that represent or are your products and services.

Who can participate in the MarketPlace?

All industry appropriate vendors can participate in the MarketPlace at no cost. Association Alliance wants to be the end all source of vendor businesses within specific industries and will be displaying all businesses it discovers and thinks are applicable.

Businesses can claim their businesses in order to customize and enhance their business information and portfolio. If you business is missing, submit that it is and normally with 24 hours your business will be ready to be claimed.

Benefits to participating:

1) The Marketplace promotes you to all members of Association Alliance, to search engines and to all businesses on Destination Nexus.

2) Having a legitimate organization like Association Alliance highlight your business has a positive effect with regards to image and information.

3) There is no cost to claiming your business on The MarketPlace. Additional member benefits are at an extra cost.

4) You receive higher placement within the MarketPlace if you are a member of a specific association and the member is looking at the MarketPlace.

Vendor Tabs start with Information

Clicking on your profile button allows clients to learn a lot about your business. Your business content is organized into the following tabs:

Information Tab - This tab is completely customizable by you and to your taste. List promotions or messages that resonate well with your clients.

Articles Tab - Any article that you submit (and is approved) for publication to all Association Alliance associations is automatically displayed on your articles tab. Establish yourself as the industry leader by publishing articles that offer insight and growth to your clients.

Products Tab - This is where you can expound and advertise your products.

Testimonials - Your existing clients can post testimonials about your services. You have full control of which testimonials are approved and displayed.

Conferences Tab - Lists all past and future conferences you have registered for through Association Alliance. This allows your clients to see if you are attending conferences they are attending.

Webinars Tab - Webinars are a great way to educate your clients about specific aspects of your business. List past webinars they can view as well as future webinars they can sign up for.

Associations Tab - (not displayed in example) If you belong to associations that make up Association Alliance, your membership status as a vendor is displayed.

Contacts Tab - Highlight your service professionals and teams. This is where you address and additional contact information belongs.

Custom Tabs - You can add even more content with one or two custom tabs to showcase what is unique about your business. (Membership required)

Your tabs can be ordered in whatever order you desire, giving you ultimate control.