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Divide Vendor members enjoy more communication and can establish better relationships through Association Alliance vendor resources.


Association Alliance helps promote vendors to potential and existing clients within their respective industries. It also helps vendors build lasting relationships with associations and other vendor members.

Associations that are members of Association Alliance take pride in treating vendor members as good as they treat their other members. Association Alliance associations are better run and better organized due to the resources, training and tools that come with membership.

Use Association Alliance vendor member tools to successfully communicate, educate and coordinate with associations and other vendor members!

Pricing: Act now and try it free for a year!

The Association Alliance Vendor MarketPlace is presently under development. All interested vendors who agree to take a look at Association Alliance will receive the first year for free and enjoy all vendor services at no charge. To reward these vendors for their initial involvement they will enjoy a special rate of $95 a year thereafter.

For vendors that sign up after the launch of the Vendor MarketPlace, pricing starts at $295 a year.

Click here to participate and enjoy your first year for free!

Enjoy the Vendor MarketPlace

Enjoy being a part of Association Alliance's Vendor Marketplace. Being listed in the marketplace not only promotes your business to Association Alliance associations and their members but to every business within Destination Nexus; 17,000+ growing daily worldwide.

The Vendor Marketplace is attractive, inviting and all about your business. It's not some silly simple list.

  • Attractive, customizable listing with inviting pictures
  • Promotes your business to associations and their members
  • Promotes your business to every inn within Destination Nexus
  • Invite, approve and manage client testimonials
  • Members can purchase your products

Click here to learn more about the Vendor MarketPlace.

Vendor Resources

The resources available through Association Alliance put you in contact with other Alliance members and vendors via forums and industry articles that you can read, share and submit.

  • Post articles, promotions and webinars that can be picked up by Alliance associations.
  • Access to articles and webinars posted by other alliance members
  • Share and learn industry news and information in "Vendors Only" forums
  • Conference e-mail invites have the actual numbers of attendees, with no guesswork

Click here to learn more about Vendor Resources.

Vendor Donations

A vendor donation is a brand new model for strengthening association and vendor relationships. Vendor donations function on the basic principle of vendors providing a donation to associations in place of a discount. This will strengthen vendor and association relationships because associations will value vendors who provide them with a residual donation. It really is a win-win for both associations and vendors.

Click here to learn more about a Vendor Donations Model.