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Divide Association Management software is a comprehensive set of association tools designed to help you manage members, collect dues, facilitate all communications, additional promotion and marketing, conference management and interact with other members.
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Association Management Software

Association Alliance is the first association of associations where association software tools come with membership and are the core foundation of the organization.

Association Alliance uses Destination Nexus for its pivotal association software tools which are presently under development. This allows your association to market to potential members within Destination Nexus, an encyclopedia of over 15,000 U.S. destinations where every business is listed, unlike a directory where only those that pay are listed. Destination Nexus has over 15,000 U.S. inns. Your association members also have access to their listing within Destination Nexus as well as the vendor Marketplace, member generated forums, upcoming association events and important industry articles.

Association Directory

Members of Association Alliance receive an enhanced association directory for their website and association leaders can organize how members are displayed and customize the colors and layout of the directory to blend in with the association's website. Through Availability Exchange, members can display availability and room vacancy.
  • Vacancy or full room availability through Availability Exchange
  • Offer highlights to preferred members
  • Customizable colors and layout
  • Organization by: Random, Alphabetical or RCI

Member Management

Because Association Alliance uses Destination Nexus, it only takes a few minutes to indicate your membership. No manual entry at all. Simply select from a list of all businesses in your area or upload a list of their e-mails, names or websites and you are good to go. Submit any missing members and Destination Nexus will priority rush getting them listed and added to your association.

Association Management

Association leaders can easily manage their associations with Association Alliance. At a glance, leaders can view and update current membership, see daily reminders and answer member questions. Other features included are:

Conference Management

Association Alliance software tools even include conference management features to encourage members to attend conferences and to facilitate the process for vendors to register for your conference. You can host conferences and events with less time and effort.

  • Use AutoCollect to collect conference dues via e-mail.
  • Create e-mail conference invitations to members and vendors alike.
  • Send thank you e-mails to everyone who attended from leadership, members and vendor members.
  • Easily generate a master conference list of members and vendors.
  • Instant Conference Signup.

Association Community

The association community is a vibrant, living software tool that gives leaders and members alike the resources to educate one another about their industry via member forums and industry articles.

Vendor Marketplace

With Association Alliance, vendors are invited to participate in your association. How you manage those relationships and how you communicate with your vendors is important.

Association Resources

The resources available through Association Alliance, put you in contact with other Alliance members and vendors via member forums and member submitted industry articles.

Destination Nexus

Association Alliance uses Destination Nexus to manage and organize its members. Because of Destination Nexus, your association is available to a worldwide community of industry leaders and potential members and clientele. When you log into Association Alliance you will automatically be re-directed to your Destination Nexus welcome page where you can manage your association in addition to your individual business listing.

Association Promotion

When you join Association Alliance, your association will instantly be promoted on Destination Nexus to a worldwide community of industry leaders, members and vendors.