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Divide Association Alliance resources contain an unlimited wealth of industry related news, education and knowledge because it comes from experienced leaders and professionals within your industry.
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Association Educational Resources

Associations are the backbone of any industry. They provide stability, insight and resources to their business members. Through Destination Nexus, Association Alliance provides the tools for experienced members and vendors to share articles and insights into current business trends, latest innovations and marketing strategies.

Association Resources

  • Training
  • Articles
  • Webinar

Association Alliance members receive access to articles and webinars. These unlimited resources can be read and shared by association leaders with their members through websites, forums, meetings and newsletters. All resources within Association Alliance are available at no extra cost.


The “learn, serve, grow” mentality developed by the makers of Reservation Nexus and Destination Nexus is a fundamental foundation for the organization of Association Alliance.

Because of our adopted “learn, serve, grow” mentality, all association leaders will receive a one on one training with either the president of Association Alliance or one of its associates to learn how to take full advantage of all the features our association software offers. Association members will receive an additional training and presentation with either the president of Association Alliance or one of its associates.

Easy to read training manuals will be available along with articles and webinars to show you how to take full advantage of all the features offered.


Associations are able to offer increased value-add to their membership in addition to improving communication between leadership, members and partners. Newsletters and articles are a powerful way to educate your association.

As a member of Association Alliance you can access articles written by experienced leaders and professionals to enhance newsletters, gain insight or to find a speaker for your upcoming conference. Any member of Association Alliance can submit an article, but all articles are sent to our board members who will review the content and organization to make sure that you have only the most professional resources to select from.


Access webinars where you can watch a video presentation on any topic within your industry, submitted by experienced leaders and professionals in Association Alliance.

As a leader or member of Association Alliance, you will have the opportunity to also submit a topic and conduct a live or pre-recorded webinar video presentation to share your professional insight and experience on any educational topic within your industry. As with articles, all webinars will be reviewed by our board members for content and clarity.

Association Alliance Presentation - 11.11.10

View the following video of our webinar presentation on Association Alliance. The main speaker for this webinar was Trent Anderson, the newest associate of Association Alliance. Riana Frahm was available throughout the webinar answering questions via chat. At the end, enjoy a question and answer session with both Trent Anderson and Riana Frahm as they answer attendees' questions.