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Divide Members of Association Alliance receive the tools that make it easy to manage their associations. In addition, associations are elevated to a growing association community as they network, learn and grow with other association alliance members.
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Benefits of Joining Association Alliance

The first mission of Association Alliance is to "strengthen industries through associations." As an association leader, you already understand the advantages of elevating your area through the collaborative efforts of your members and local businesses and government working together.

Association Software Tools:

  • Association Management Software
  • Association Directory
  • Member Management

Association Resources:

  • Forums for Industry Leaders
  • Industry Articles by Leadership and
  • Conference Management

Association Promotion:

  • Members
  • Vendors

When you join Association Alliance you will be given the tools, resources and promotional advantages to make it easy to manage your association and members.

Association Software Tools

Much like reservation software has advanced the lodging industry in the last decade; lodging association software can do the same for automating and improving association tasks. The biggest challenge to date is that there really hasn't been any legitimate lodging specific association software available on the market. Innkeeper associations that purchase and use a "generic" association software package find that they are unattractive, unintuitive and expensive.

Association Alliance members enjoy association software tools that are good looking, affordable and intuitively designed by an experienced team with 6 years in the business.

Association leaders can customize their member directory and availability to match the colors and design of the association's website. Member management has never been easier than before with instant member signups, AutoCollect member dues, daily reminders, enhanced newsletters and reports on membership trends. Conference management is also built into Association Alliance making it easier than ever to host conferences and events with less time and effort.

Association Resources

Because Association Alliance uses Destination Nexus, your association can communicate with a worldwide community of industry leaders like yourself. Your members will also love their own member community. From enhanced member forums to articles from you and from experts around the world, a member community improves communication and benefits everyone involved.

Association Promotion

Associations that belong to Association Alliance are promoted within Destination Nexus to innkeepers as they manage their Destination Nexus listing and use the worldwide innkeeper community provided by Destination Nexus.

Association Alliance uses Destination Nexus as a platform to promote your association to innkeepers as they manage their Destination Nexus listing. With over 15,000 U.S. bed and breakfasts, Destination Nexus is the most complete web encyclopedia of inns on the Internet. Unlike directories that only list inns that pay, all inns are listed on Destination Nexus and innkeepers can claim and manage their inn free of charge. This provides a continuous promotional opportunity to your association.

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