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Divide Vendor Donations strengthen Association, Members and Vendors 
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For years vendors have been asked to offer discounts to association members. There are a few problems with that approach:

1) It devalues the product or service

2) Promises of more business often go unfulfilled

3) Members that leave an association still enjoy the discount

Vendor Donations Model

Vendor Donation Model

Replace your association discounts with association donations that are awarded each time a member uses or reorders your services. You are in complete control of establishing and defining vendor donations with each association. Associations are in control of how much of the donation goes towards the member's dues and how much to the association.

Members are motivate to use MarketPlace vendors where these donations are entered and tracked. Over time, some will have all their membership dues covered by vendor donations. Associations are motivated to promote vendors who subscribe to a vendor donation model, over a vendor discount model. It's a win-win-win.

If your client is a member of multiple associations, the donation is split between them, limiting your obligation per client. And you establish which associations you have a donation relationship with as well.